Gallery-Page #3 - George Vaughn's Project Truck '67 F-100  

Engine has been set on motor mounts and transmission bolts have been secured. Photo taken 08-27-04.

Timing is set, distributor is placed, plug wires are on, coil is mounted. Photo taken 08-27-04.

Photo taken from front of engine showing the new look. Photo taken 08-27-04.

I chose Terry Bros. Auto Upholstery and Top Specialists to do the upholstery on the original seat. I had them custom form the original seat to simulate bucket seats to offer a better ride and more stability. Photo taken 09-22-04.

Byron Terry is test fitting the new leather cover on the seat. You can see how he has formed the seat to simulate "bucket" seats. The back of the seat will be fitted and formed the same way. Photo taken 09-22-09.

This photo shows the formed "buckets" in more detail as Byron Terry stretches and tests the new leather cover for a snug fit. Photo taken 0-9-22-04.

Byron holds the back of the seat showing the bucket forms and leather inset placement for driver and passenger side. A 9" oval Ford "logo" is being embroidered that will be centered in the top of the back of ths seat. Photo taken 09-22-04.

My #2 son Shayne (L) and Pete Vaughn (R) applying one of 7 coats of Marine Spar Varnish to the Red Oak Floor Boards that will soon be put in the truck bed. Photo taken 10-14-04.

Pete Vaughn installing complete new exhaust system. Photo taken 10-16-04

Pete Vaughn securing the exhaust clamps and brackets on the new exhaust system. Photo taken 10-16-04.

An original design exhaust system was purchased from a local parts supplier. This system gave the truck the "original" sound of the truck just as it sounded in 1967. Photo taken 10-16-04.

Byron Terry of Terry Brothers Upholstery and Pete Vaughn sit on the new upholstered seat. Photo taken 10-26-04.

A close-up of the "Ford" logo that was embroidered into the center piece of the back portion of the truck seat. Photo taken 10-26-04.

The truck was taken on its first drive to Terry Brothers upholstery shop to have the new upholstered seat installed. Photo taken 10-26-04.

What a beauty and its 'one-of-a-kind". The original seat was used to add forms to make the seat appear to have "bucket seats". Photo taken 10-27-04.

The "Ford" logo was embroidered into the black leather of the center top portion of the seat cover. Photo taken 10-27-04.

This is the finished installation of the Red Oak lumber that came from one of the huge trees on Dad's farm that was blown over by Hurricane Eloise in 1975. It's all from the same tree and the same grain. Polished stainless steel strips and bolts added the finishing touch.

Lots of polished stainless steel has added to the looks of the original body style. The bumper is polished stainless steel. I added the cargo light, it was taken from another 1967 F-100 including the wiring harness and the switch in the dash. Also added was the stainless steel trim around the rear window and the west coast rear view mirrors.

November 13, 2004. Getting ready for its first road trip. What a beauty! Of course I'm very prejudiced. Just glad to have made it this far.

November 13, 2004. Truck restoration finished. Still have a few little things left on my punch list but for the most part the truck is looking great. Dad drove it back home to the farm. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.


Here's a pencil drawing of George's truck, done by David McConnell.

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