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3rd Saturday Cruise held at River City Market Place Mall

Airport Center Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32209



Rodeheaver Boys' Ranch 2nd Annual Show 15 March 2014

(download registration form here)


Sorry, we will not be having our normal Annual Truck and Car Show in November 2014, so please support the Rodeheaver Boys Ranch Show on 15 March 2014

 Welcome to the First Coast F100/F1 Truck Club of Jacksonville Florida

The F-100 and F-1 Ford Truck Club of Jacksonville is an organization formed by Ford truck enthusiasts wanting to bring together all F-100 and F-1 Ford truck owners dedicated to the restoration, modification, preservation and enjoyment of these types of vehicles built by Ford Motor Company, from the earliest years to the current models.

We are a family oriented organization existing solely for the love and enjoyment of this great American product.